HUD Homes Allows Only $100.00 Down Payment to Buy Homes In Florida

Is your dream to own your own home in the #Orlando market?  Are limited funds for a down payment holding you back?  There IS a solution to this dilemma.  If you buy a HUD Home in Florida, you will only need $100.00 as your down payment.  You just read that right!  You will only need $100.00 as your down payment because HUD and Sage Acquisitions (HUD’s management company) have a program that allows FHA buyers to option and opportunity to only put down $100.00.  Normally with an FHA loan you would need 3.5% as your down payment.  On a $200k house, that would amount to $7,000.00!  With an FHA loan purchasing a HUD Home that amount is $100.00 only.  That’s a HUGE difference when your available funds are limited.  Just look at some of the available homes available right now in the Greater Orlando market that qualify:

$100.00 down payment only

$100.00 down payment only

Some condos qualify as well!

These four are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are HUD Homes available, almost, in every county.  You can also use the FHA 203k loan to make certain repairs and updates AFTER closing.  Want that new kitchen?  Want fresh paint and new flooring?  Use the FHA 203k loan and you still only need $100.00 down!!


NOW, we aren’t trying to say you only need $100.00 to buy a home.  There are other fees that you may need for closing costs.  However, we can make the offer for you and the Seller will pay for your closing costs up to a certain amount.  In most cases, we can get the Seller to pay up to 6% of your closing costs (that’s $6000 per $100k purchase price).  You WILL need a deposit.  That’s not the same thing as a down payment.  Most times, we can get your deposit to be between $1000-$2000.  However, you get that back at closing.

We are approved HUD Local Listing Brokers.  We help HUD get the word out about their programs as well as List and Sell their homes from time to time.  If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us right away.


And remember…If you want or need help in any or all of your Orlando real estate  and Tampa Bay Real Estate needs, don’t hesitate to contact a local Orlando Realtor or Tampa Bay Realtor.  We also help those looking to buy Florida New Construction by giving a New Construction Rebate which helps buyers with closing costs or maybe furnishing that new home!

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- April 23, 2018

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